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I have recently been asked if I could bring some items I have made with the GF to a craft shop this weekend. They are demonstrating/promoting the Gf, along with the Aura & some assorted cutting machines. I was hoping to sell some of my items but I am quite shy, so I have a problem knowing HOW I could sell them. In exchange for showing some of my items they will promote my work. I will be promoting the GF in return. Is this a way of starting or do you think it is a little one-sided? I have no idea what to do - please help?


If you make items for sale, I think you should pack up a few examples and head on over to the event. In addition to showing what you make for sale, you will meet other makers and potential customers in a neutral environment. The investment necessary seems worth the effort to me.


Thank you for the advise. My next decision should be pricing… again no idea. Do you price them by material cost & time?


Both material cost and time (both design time and machine time) should be factored into the price. I don’t sell things, so I am not very helpful.


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This won’t answer your question - but might help you frame your own answer:

My personal default is 3x what it cost me to make, and I charge $50/hour for me time. So $20 sheet of material (I’ll charge for a half sheet if the item is tiny, but otherwise full sheet) + 1 hour to design and print = $210. It’s not cheap - but I’m not a bulk laser house, I make custom items.


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