Starting with a clean Slate (for less than 2 bucks!)

Just wanted to pass on an interesting find at the local “99 cent only”(I know it’s a misnomer)… Pieces of Slate !!! Only 1.99 each and nice pieces of actual slate about 8 x11 and 10x10 . I really haven’t priced pieces of slate but seems like a good deal ! for 2 bucks one piece (both sides) could give you a LOT of practice area to dial in settings for engraving.!

about 0.18 in thick


Looking it up I see
(A complex production process makes it possible to detach a layer of a few millimetres of rock which becomes solid and compact by means of a polyester and fibreglass resin) "
Might not be your case, and/or it might not matter, or it might be messy .
Testing is good.

What is in your stores is probably different than other stores but worth looking.

That’s quite a score.

Found some of the same. Did a board for a family member.


what type of settings did you use for engraving? and was it pre-shaped like that or you did it by GF or hand?

but what specs did you use for the unspecified material setting?

For the material thickness? I measured a few spots with calipers and used the average thickness. If you don’t have calipers, they’re really a must-buy if you’re going to deviate from Proofgrade materials.

So I’ve been reading. No I don’t have any, just use the info I get from the source when I buy, but now I’m going to invest even though I have no idea how to actually use them :rofl:


You can always start with a “cheaper” caliper from Harbor freight. I’ve used one for years successfully (love digital). Just ordered a more expensive one from Amazon this week - will have to see if (for my uses -which is for the :glowforge:) it makes much difference…

Finally used one of the slates for an OM at work who was retiring. Was told to use sooners (his college team) and UPS and Alorica and “make something” so I dug this slate up and came up with this.

Wish I could find these slates again… they have the paddle shaped ones seen above as well as circular ones (with rope handles). They would be nice except for the holes for the rope handles… (They are apparently trays)


Bought this one on Amazon:

Works really well, and many YouTube videos to show you how.