State of Texas Seal

I have a few issues with this one and a few others. The burn-over you see at the top, I have gotten this on many of the projects I have done with the proof grade wood.

Another issue is this is supposed to be a circle not an oblong.

Any assistance with tips would be great.


Where’d you get the art? Can you share it?

Without it we’d all be guessing on the reason why it’s oblong.

By burnover did you mean the resin staining that happens when you do deep engraves? (No way around that, it’s the reason that the proofgrade material is masked. When you remove the masking, that comes off. Gorilla duct tape works really well to remove it on small bits like the dots.) Or did you mean something else?

Only thing I can think of that might cause the lack of roundness might be a slightly loose belt under the laser arm. There are instructions here for how to check and tighten that up.

If that’s not the issue, you’ll want to open a new thread in the Problems and Support section of the forum so support can look into it for you. It should come out round if the file is round.

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It is a vector art piece.

Thank you. You hit it on the head.

Will be checking my X and Y Axis

Or the file can be totally dorked up. Without the file posted here, again we are just guessing.

The chances that it’s a loose belt are very low, post the art file or you’re largely on your own.

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OK so that’s not a vector, but that shouldn’t matter much. What are the final dimensions of the finished piece?

I wanted to do a Texas seal, because it’s just cool looking, but after reading on the website and finding the form you have to submit to request permission for ANY use, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble!

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