Status update on ~2 week old order?

Can I get an update on order #R668431228 placed on Feb 7th please? I haven’t heard a peep from anyone since the order confirmation email immediately after placing the order.

I’ve researched your order and something isn’t right – I don’t have a tracking number for you and certainly should by now. I apologize. We’ll keep researching and will be in touch tomorrow.

+2 days.

Any word?

Patients. Many of us waited 2+ years some overseas early orders are at year 3.

I’m so sorry for the wait. We’ve resolved the issue that prevented your order from shipping and I hope to have your tracking information for you early next week.

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll update this thread as soon as I have new information.

This is for PG materials, not a machine that has to pass a myriad of certifications and be in compliance with hundreds of international laws and requirements. If it were I’d be more patient.

Waiting two weeks just to HEAR something for PG materials is excessive, and if I hadn’t said something it would have continued being a problem (see semhar’s response).

So, yeh, you be patient all you want. I’ll speak up when I feel there’s a lack of communication or a disconnect somewhere. In this case it’s a good thing I did.

Oh, and it’s “patience” in the way you used it. That said, there are plenty of “patients” around here. Loony bin this place can be. =)


Sorry. I thought it was a machine order. As far as PG materials go so far I think my orders to California has never been more then about 10 days.

I see a shipment on my UPS Quantum View, so I now have the tracking #.

You can close this ticket. I’ll ping support if there are any issues with the order once received.