Staying connected to wifi

I have used my glowforge for months then all of a sudden it wouldn’t calibrate. So I looked into it and saw it was not holding the wifi therefore could not calibrate. I redid the startup routine with the glowing teal button and it found the glowforge and got on line and posted that glowforge is now connected to my router address. then when the glowing button goes out its not connected anymore because it is no longer sending a temporary wifi signal like when the set up mode is on, so I don’t have internet anymore. Please HELP!!!

The green light is only temporary…it is supposed to go out after the Glowforge is connected to your router. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to on your internet browser to log into the interface.

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Check your wifi signal–the other day my signal strength at the computer w/ my glowforge went to zero & my wifi couldn’t be seen. Fairly new Xfinity box, too. So had to finally pull my own router back out to boost the signal to my studio, and got my computer reconnected to this router’s stronger wifi signal.

And a few months ago my download speed went to nearly zero (which led to the new box). Since my complaining then (new box didn’t make a difference), I’ve had even better speeds than before, but no explanation as to why it happened.

Also in the past, I used to use Belkin brand of routers (and mid to high end models), but about every 9 months the “wall wart” power adapter would fail–router would still appear to have power, but signal was crap. Getting new router, putting the new power adapter w/ the old router, able to confirm the wallwart was issue. After a few rounds of that, switch to an ASUS brand, and haven’t had the regular 9-12 month failures!

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You still have Internet — you posted here! :slight_smile:

Thank you Bansai yea maybe it is the router.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.