Steak. Because I can. 😏


Engraved a steak just because I can :slight_smile: thanks Glowforge!

-Tianna :slight_smile:


No one has done a steak yet, although we’ve had everything from peeps to taco shells to cakes and banana splits. (Dang! Now I’m hungry!) :smile:


@tianna, I hope mike got some.


The smell alone when I was β€œengraving” them made me hungry! Hahah:stuck_out_tongue:


Of course he got some. :slight_smile:


That’s a really nice cut of meat, well marbled. But I suspect the fat would impact the β€œRendering” of the design.


Does the lettering still stand out after you cook it?

Of course, for some of us, that’s pretty much cooked already…


yeah where it went over the fat it was a little wonky. However This was done on full power on a pro (co-workers encouraged me to see if we could cook it hahah) I did it on power 15 the first time and it was much more readable.


No :frowning:


Still, though. Very awesome.


We are, like, 3 and a half degrees away from lasering Kevin Bacon at this point.




On Bacon?




I have heard of long cooking meat, but I think this might take a VERY LONG TIME :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: