Stellated dodecahedron

Hello, I’m Spike.

Not much to say about this guy. He was pretty satisfying to put together, especially since he’s made of only 3 different pieces: one face (!) and two connectors of different angles.

I made him a while ago and hadn’t gotten to posting yet, but @pubultrastar recently posted his stellated hexecontehedron and they have something in common about how the faces intersect, so I decided to post it up.


I need one of those for the top of my Christmas tree!


Yeah if you jam fairy lights in there you’ll be in business.

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And gold foiled…I wonder if I’ve got enough left on that roll… :thinking:


given that surface area? unlikely Jules. order two more rolls.

suddenly remember something ELSE I have waiting to be turned into something.

you folks are killing me today.



Spike is super cool. Love this shape!


Gold spray paint might be easier…

Yeah, but the foil is so much nicer. :smile:

Yeah I don’t doubt it. I keep meaning to get some oracal and try it out. Was it @xabbess that used to do a bunch of foil work? I forget, but whoever it was did some really cool stuff.

Hmm pre-foil the wood, then adjust the slots to fit the thickness of the foil, and go to town? Something like that?

It’s thin enough that no adjustments would be necessary. Give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I doubt it, my slots are very tight. Like if you don’t take masking off you’re never going to get them to go together. I’m pretty sure that the foil would buckle and bunch up and make it pretty impossible to assemble without a little tweaking, but maybe I’m wrong. One way to find out!

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Nice to meet you Spike. Very cool, Dave!