Stencil Material settings

What are the settings for cutting on stencil material?

A lot of different things are used as stencil material so you’ll have to be more specific.
This is also why it’s good to learn how to determine your own settings.

That other Evans is correct here.


I am going to move this to Beyond the Manual as this Made on a Glowforge category is for sharing items you have made on your Glowforge.

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I’ve cut 10mil Mylar with a sheet of paper held down on top. Used speed 235 and power of 25 on a Pro. Be sure to use set focus.

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If you are working with mylar, this might help. More info on the application and material might help you get better answers.

Commas save lives, man!


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Making sure you have mylar and not vinyl can save lives and your Glowforge, too.

Even slapping-on a dash.