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I did some stencils before the low power settings came along, but my records were obsolete so I gave it another go. Result: working great (of course)! I used 10 mil Mylar from Amazon. This little stencil is only about 3" in diameter. I ran it through my Big Shot Pro with some card stock, and it embossed nicely:

Update: here are the settings that are currently working for me for 10 mil Mylar:
Cut: Speed 235, Power 25, focus height 0.1


That’s a lovely result. Nicely done!


It’s great seeing art being made right on the Glowforge, but I really like seeing tools to make art. :art: :hammer:


Looks great! (And those BigShot cartridges are super expensive.) :grinning:


haven’t seen the big shot before. just looked at a couple of quick youtube videos. how easy is it to make an embossing die like that and use it? does the die you made work with what came with the big shot or did you have to do other things to get it to deboss like that?


Looks amazing. Looks like you’re enjoying these new settings…me too! Good job!


Thanks! The only additional thing you need to do the embossing is a piece of rubber. I used red rubber plumbing gasket material (about 1/8") from the local big box hardware store. They make one for the Big Shot but it’s softer and thinner, but it would work as well.


thanks! that’s great to know. have it on my list for the future.


That turned out beautifully! nice work!:heart:

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Very nicely done…been doing stencils for many years myself…lol

FYI…I can beat that price for mylar if anytone else is interested in purchasing some…
I buy it in lots of 500 large sheets. Lol

15 sheets of 8"x12" (bigger then Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:) would run $11 with $4 shipping…USA only though…sorry my international friends


Don’t even know what I’ll use it for yet but I’d take some!


Love the embossing!


Oh yeah, I’d much rather get it from you. Do you have other thicknesses? I’m thinking the 10 mil is a little thick and it would be nice to have some 7.5 mil.

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I normally cut in the 10 mil. but I do have 18 full sheets (that are 12"x24") of transparent blue 7mil. Same pricing on those. 15 8" x 12" sheets for $11. Or if you want a different size the full 12"x24" sheets are $2.20 each but shipping is more with a larger sheet like 12"x12". Or 12"x24"

I think for embossing, the 10 mil are probably better…unless you want a really shallow design…


I’ll PM you.

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Would that material be good for spray paint stencils? Does it hold up well with handling, even at thin and detailed points? A local spray artist contacted me to make some stencils and at first, I think we’re planning on heavy poster paper. I completely forgot to ask what you recommend until now, given you must do airbrush and spray stencils.

Honestly, heavy poster board would be better than mylar for spray paint. Anything heavy and thick will bead up…and clog eventually so its only good for maybe 5 sprays…imo and experience.
I still have customers who order and reorder stencils for spray painting…
Its all preferance I guess…lol

The mylar is durable…wont curl up or stretch. You can get incredible detail.


This is awesome! Would take card making to a new level when you can emboss with ANYTHING you want! My Big Shot will now be waiting on the Glowforge, right along with us! :rofl:


checkout the “Lucent” laserable stencil product from Rowmark. I’m certainly going to be trying it out for laser-cut spraypaint stencils.

Couple quick thoughts from experience:
Paper-based stencils are cheap and replaceable. (right now I mainly use cardstock)
Plastic-based stencils are more expensive, but you can clean them and continue using them (or re-use them later). The spraypaint just cracks off once it is dry.


I used my Silhouette to cut my logo out of card stock as a stencil for “air brushing” with my eBrush system. I have decorated 50 shopping bags and the original stencil is still (barely) holding together.