Stepper Comparison Across Models

The X-axis motor on the pro I have is a 17PY-Z049Uxxxxx model from minebea.

Can anyone else with a basic/plus look and see what model number is on their motor?


I have a plus and my motor is 17PY-Z442Bxxxxxxx also from Minebea

Just kidding, this is my Y axis one, I can’t see the sticker on my X, I just looked at the only one I could see without thinking about which axis I was looking at

I wonder if you put the pro stepper in the basic if it will have the speed of the pro…

Weird. The motor in the Plus has twice the torque and holding power as the one in your Pro?

It’s also significantly larger and heavier.

I can’t see the sticker for my X axis stepper, but the Ys are the 442 (I have a Pro)…

When did you receive your Pro, @takitus? I was in on the original campaign, and got mine Dec 2017.

Psych! Mine is the Y, I just grabbed the number off the only one I could see without thinking about which axis I was looking at.

I can’t see the sticker on my X.

OK, then perhaps they use the smaller one on the X (makes sense) and two bigger ones on the Y. The X is where the engrave speed comes from.

I think knowing the one for X, however, is probably more relevant to this discussion. I just don’t see an easy way to get at the label.

Agreed, I don’t want to tug at the white cable to expose the sticker behind it. I tried getting my phone at the right angle to take a picture, but no such luck.

The one I posted is the X motor. You have to pull back the plastic piece

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Your machine looks brand new! Get to work! :wink:


By the way, as @evansd2 would say, previously:

Pro Parts


This was an exceptionally good read.

Lots of very good and interesting stuff from way, way back in the day.

I knew I had posted a pic of a stepper motor before.


Thank you for posting that. I remember the conversation from back in the day, I just couldn’t remember who started the thread. Didn’t think it was me lol


They are looking at the Y motors, and not the X. I have the same Y motors

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Can anyone post photos of the X motor (on the gantry) from a basic or plus?

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Does anyone know what the stepper motors drivers that are used on the basic or plus are?

My pro is using Texas Instrument DRV8825 drivers. I wonder if the speed differences are related to the drivers as they have a huge impact on motor performance.

Exactly. You can’t just put in a “bigger motor” and expect better results.

That said, from a mass production standpoint, it would not make much sense to substitute $0.50 MOSFETS for $0.55 MOSFETS on an otherwise identical PCB.

If they are using the DRV8825 driver for both unipolar and bipolar steppers, the unipolars are being run as bipolar since the DRV can’t drive a unipolar in unipolar mode. Unipolar use 6 wires and the DRV8825 only has four outputs. It is likely they are running the unipolar with the center tap disconnected, in essence doubling its performance, which would bring it up to about the same performance as the bipolar.

I mistyped. Im pretty sure theyre using the 2049B