Steps not cut in order

Using a test cut sample with multiple steps. Imported from SVG using different colors using recommended colors to order steps. I see the various steps in the online App following order by color as indicated by color palette. Assign cutting settings from lowest to highest at each step increasing power and decreasing speed.

Glowforge cuts 3rd step, then 2nd, then 1st, then rest in order. What is going on? What have I done wrong? I want these in order so I do not start a fire as speed decreases and power increases leading to greater chance of fire.

Please advise.

Did it cut it in the order of the items on the left side of the screen? (Your link takes me to the app, a picture would help as I can’t see your file.)

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2 possibilities that I can think of: your color palette isn’t set correctly so that what your think is closer to hex 000000 is not it you accidentally shifted an operation higher up the column.

Which color palette did you install?

The Glowforge cuts from top to bottom on the left side of the screen. As you can drag those up and down to re-order them as you wish so easily I do not even pay attention to color order but go with colors that are convenient and then adjust as needed.


No, The 3rd step cut first, then 2nd, then 1st, then rest in order as show in the app.

Glowforge -
The palette has very discernible colors.

Yes that is what it has been doing but on this test sample it did not. The thirds step on left side printed first .

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That is Weird enough that I think the office needs to look at it. I have never seen it do that.


Thank you for letting us know about the trouble. In order to investigate this further, would you please upload the design files from your test cut? If you’d prefer to share them privately, you can email us at

Sorry I am away from glowforge and the computer used to generate the SVG files. Will update in a few days.

Finally got back and printed the same file saved on Did not change anything and in printed correctly in order. Cannot reproduce the problem so please close this support ticket. Sorry for wasting your time.

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