Still can't buy designs or proof grade materials

Hi there,
UK user here… we still can’t buy proof grade materials or even designs from the store. It’s taking a long time to get this ball rolling.
I have a bunch of credit that I can’t use.
Why is there an issue shipping designs when I presume buying a design isn’t mailing a physical object but making it available in your library?
The last official reply on this was May 4th.


I believe the answer is that taxes vary with jurisdiction and while it might very well be zero on licensed digital goods where you live, they still have to have it coded up and a proper legal+accounting review. And if it is not zero, they need a way to pay the local tax authority and a systematic regular way to do so.

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Of course, that is not the answer to the other question: why not yet? I have no idea about the answer to that question. It does seem to be taking an inirdinately long time, but so is the filter and shipping preorder units to Canada and Australia.

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@lcpfx, unfortunately, we’re not ready to open up the Shop and Catalog to our international customers yet. The team is working hard to do so and we’ll announce it here when we do.

However, we’ve heard your requests! We’ve decided to extend the Founder status for international customers because they aren’t able to access the Proofgrade store yet. We’ll extend the Founders’ Discount for international Founders by 6 months from the international Proofgrade launch date.

You can read Dan’s full update, here: June 2018 Update (latest)