Still have not received my machine

Hello! I still have not received my machine or tracking for the machine. I have signed up with ups and fedex and have no upcoming shipments. I have contacted customer service every day who promise everyday they will have a answer “tomorrow”, they will send out a new machine, promise after promise not fulfilled. My machine was supposed to arrive on the 24th, it is now the 5th with 0 answers. I have a air filter and accessories that are very expensive paper weights. I am very understanding but i am tired of waiting until 9-10PM for a response each day and promises that arent being kept. What do I need to do next? At this point I feel like I have been scammed.

Hi @southernrootsportrai. I’m truly sorry for how long it’s taking to get your Glowforge to you, and for the lack of clarity in our emails to you. I know it’s frustrating to be kept in the dark, and I apologize for that.

I’ve just followed up with you in an email, so I’m going to close this topic.

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