Still no one asking for my shipping address.(Asian)

I am from Hong Kong.
Still no one asking for my shipping address.
It is normal?

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Production shipment has not been made for international people as of yet… Yes it is normal :slight_smile:

Yes. International shipments haven’t begun yet. They will begin very soon. When they do, you’ll get an e-mail.

My order was placed before October 26, 2015.
Do we need to wait for all US order shipped(including Post-Campaign and other orders)?

I don’t believe so. I recall reading recently that international shipments will begin soon.

Does any US order arrived?

Oh, yes. Mine arrived a week and a half ago. See some of the things we’ve made in the Made On A Glowforge section. :slight_smile:

Yes, orders are being shipped! It’s a bit slow going getting them out though. This might give you an idea of the latest timeline for shipping.


WA~!! Glowforge is finally came true. Waiting for a long long long time.


Just a little longer to go I think :slight_smile: Make sure you share some of your creations with us when you do get it.


Sure. Can’t wait to share!


We can’t wait to get it to you!

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You should have received this information in the email from Dan on 7th June. If you haven’t seen that email check your spam filter as you don’t want to miss your shipping email.