Still Waiting On Filtration

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I am not sure if this is the right spot, but all of my emails to Glowforge are send back with an empty response. I received my Glowforge in May and I am still waiting on the filter I purchased. I am using this for Engineering/3D Design classes, but can’t until I get the filter. Where can I get an ETA on the filter?



This is the latest news:

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You likely ought to read the September update as well as the October one if you haven’t seen it yet…there has been another delay, but there will be an alternative offered for those in need:

Thanks for reaching out, I’m sorry our last messages sound like they haven’t reached you. @jules and @jbv are correct, though.

We just made an announcement about some major developments to the Air Filter. The short version is that we need to take four months to make changes to the plastics tool to get the best possible performance. In the interim, we are working on providing an alternative product for those of you who would rather not wait. The alternate filter will cost no more than the Glowforge filter, and will be available in October. You can read all about it here: Air Filter Update (September 2018).

About the missing emails, please double check your spam folder and see if our email got sent there; if it did, make sure to mark the message as “not spam” to help the next one arrive safely.

I’m going to close this thread. If you have additional questions, please start a new topic or let us know at