Still Waiting on Glowforge Pro To Arrive

I purchased this as a birthday gift on Jan. 15th for my wife and was originally told it would arrive by Feb.19th. I received an updated email in February saying “sorry” but now you can expect it by March 8th. Well, today came and went and when someone returned my numerous emails inquiring on tracking I was told it STILL HASN’T SHIPPED!! Now I’m being told that it should ship this week, but they don’t have any tracking info. This is crazy!! I am beyond frustrated with this company that states on their website you can order now and receive one in 8 weeks, but I can’t get mine that’s already ordered and paid for.

I’m in the same boat purchased same day. Mine will be here on Wednesday. I kept sending them emails. I received two $100.00 dollars gift certificates for products.

I order mine 29 December and received it on the 24 February. I know it is frustrating, but it is worth the wait. While I was waiting, I bought supplies, table, and files to use once it got here. I love working with it.


Hi Dave, I see you already emailed us about this and spoken with you directly, so I’m going to close this topic.

Mine was ordered Dec 15th - arrived about a week ago. Like others have said, it’s worth the wait. They are just backed up with orders right now because the machine is so awesome. PS - mine was also a Christmas/Birthday present. She won’t be disappointed.

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Mine was ordered Dec 15th - arrived about a week ago. PS - mine was also a Christmas/Birthday present. She won’t be disappointed.

I don’t think this topic should be closed. This should not be closed until I actually get the product. I spoke with someone and was told they don’t know if it will ship Wednesday or maybe Friday this week. They have given us a 100.00 gift card the first time the delivery date was changed, but said they can’t do anything else.

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Well, they seem to have let it slip through without locking but FYI, this is standard company practice, 1 issue 1 ticket.

When you start a new thread here in the #problems-and-support area or send an initial email(not a reply), this triggers a new ticket in their system exactly the same way. They correlate and compile these tickets by user account and close the duplicates on the forums.

If you emailed them about this topic, it’s surprising they didn’t close it. Also, posting here automatically invites the community to post on the ticket as well. Many times this is a good thing as we can help you solve a problem before staff even show up. Other times we can help commiserate.

This is a commiserating message. You will get it. It will be good. :grinning:

I just received another email saying the delivery is delayed again. I want someone from Glowforge to call me immediately!!

They don’t offer telephone support.

Same here, this sucks
This is my 4th delay and I still dont have a shipping confirmation.

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