Still working on Glass

That was cool! With glass you did not need to soap it first or put anything on it before lasering?

For this specific glass plate from Dollar Tree, no it didn’t need anything on it before lasering.

I do believe that some glass does need soap or masking to help dissipate heat, such as thin glass for photo frames, etc.

It really depends on the type of glass and thickness, etc.

I’ve also done glass “stones” without any masking with good success. There is a video on my channel on those too.

I’ve done a fair amount of glass without any treatment/masking. You just need to test and see what works for the material you have.


I’m replying straight to you @eflyguy since you seem to know a lot about glass cutting and engraving! (You appeared in a lot of threads while searching). I want to do inlays, if possible with glass.

A few things on my mind:
Is all glass ok to put in the GF? low-iron, cristal, opal or colored glass or whatever variety there is. I see in posts people just refer to it as old mirror or regular glass.

If you want a rounded shape but not circle for instance, what is your recommendation? I haven’t seen anyone writing that etching and snapping really worked? Making a template and cutting around with glass tool? Or just order it from someone who can cut it?

I’ve cut mirrored acrylic and acrylic and really like the result as well but this is for a material bank who wants me to use their material…

Thank you and sorry for kidnapping you in this thread!

That looks great!

Thank you for sharing

Being new to the GF and liking the idea of engraving on glass - can I engrave on thin glass from a picture frame? I have no idea for the settings and am worried it may shatter. Am I paranoid or just being careful? help …

Yep - Plain clear dish soap always works best for me on glass