Stone Fill



Has anybody used Stone Fill before? I’m curious about a couple of things… How well does it work? Once set, can you wash the item without losing the fill?

  • Tom


I’m Curious as well


It does say that it’s weather proof once set so I would think you should be able to wash it.


Good point. Good enough for me!


Interesting – I had not seen this before.


Here is a video where you can see being used and the recommendations. :wink:


Sure. I’d watched that a while back. But I can’t trust materials from the company itself. Wanted to know if any “real” person has tried it. :slight_smile:

  • Tom


I’ve used a product that is similar to this while I was working at Things Remembered doing engraving on glass. For the most part it should stay intact but will chip eventually… probably a few years or so. Less if cleaned in a dishwasher. Now if this was used on an object that isn’t regularly used, you should be just fine with no issues. Anyway the fill paint can always be reapplied.


Thanks for your take on it. I have a couple of projects in mind. I’m going to give it a shot no matter what. Just kinda wanted some mental preparation. :wink:


Here is my suggestion… get a glass from the thrift store, and acid etch or sand blast it and then use the Stone fill on it. The design doesn’t really matter… then just use the glass and see how it weathers. Something to do while you wait for your :glowforge: :smiley:


I wonder how well it would work on a glass etching. It seems like it would need to be a deeper engrave for it to work well.