Stopped Firing / Marking mid engrave and now will not mark at all anymore

Ok, I have read all of the posts about similar things going back a couple years and tried everything I saw mentioned in all of them, so Im just looking to see if anyone has a brilliant idea that wasnt mentioned before. I did open a support ticket and am waiting on a reply now, but figured in the mean time I would see if anyone had further insight.

Cut about 8 items for roughly 15 min each time with several minutes in between each cut. All worked fine. Went to engrave an item about 20 min after last cut and it marked for about 5 min then stopped marking/firing. The head continued to move and the GFUI continued to count down as if it were working normally.

I let sit for a bit thinking cooling issue possibly as it had said after my cutting prior to starting engraving that it was overheating and would start engrave once cooled down. When it did that though it had a clear error and wasnt moving the head at all. Then it started the engrave fine.
I checked mirror - no issues found
I cleaned lens, mirror, side window, and far left wall window
I checked the ribbon cable connection and pins - no issues found
I checked the board in the left back of unit near fan for loose connections - again no issues found
I tried the gift of good measure on proofgrade mdf - no print (Tried this multiple times after each thing I checked/did)
I tried powering off and on several times - each failed to print after
I tried unplugging for a little while then plugging back in - again no print (Head moves and everything works as it should, just not marking at all)
I tried letting it sit overnight then run gift of good measure again - still no firing/marking/cutting
The GFUI doesnt indicate any issues at all, counts down as normal

The laser tube doesnt seem to be sending any beams of light through it as I have seen previously when I paid attention to is, but appears to be solid without issues or cracks.

Here are pics of everything I checked as well

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I also made sure power was not set to 1 or anything low like that, set to full power, and then for gift of good measure the settings were set as default from proofgrade mdf

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Sounds like your HV power supply died, sorry. That’s a trip back to the company for replacement.


That would be a bummer :frowning:

Will wait to hear from Support then to see what they say. At least I kept the $250 box :slight_smile:

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Yup, they said it had to go in for repair.

The real confusing part is I bought the 3 year extended warranty they were offering this last year and now they are telling me its $1,125 to fix the glowforge. This thing has maybe 200 hours of use total in the year Ive owned it, not looking good for my continued glowforge use.

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Well so far the extended warranty gets you the run around. Glow forge isnt responding and when you call the Extend company the warranty is through they cant file a claim as Glowforge handles their own extended warranty claims. So out $900 for a warranty and another $1,125 if I want to fix my unit…what a joke.

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If you have the warranty you don’t have to pay anything extra. The support team isn’t super good at handling the extended warranties yet… they haven’t been offered for long and few people have bought them so far, they don’t seem to be part of the “script” yet. Keep pushing back and they’ll figure it out, and honor the warranty. At least that’s what happened last time someone said the same thing here…


Seems like when you spend thousands of dollars with a company, they could at least have a spreadsheet with your name and a little ticked box for the warranty.

I am trying, several phone messages and emails with copies of the paperwork have been sent their way.

Thank you for your replies though, at least it gives me some hope.

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So they are going to honor the extended warranty. Though at each step I had to have them clarify things in writing as it really felt they were trying to wriggle out of honoring it, and then wriggle out of honoring it further on the replacement unit.

This whole interaction with Glowforge support has really turned me off of their company. Too bad they treat customers in this fashion.


And to make matters worse now. UPS miss-delivered the replacement unit. Signed for by someone who isnt me or my wife. UPS wont let me file a claim, online or over the phone, they keep telling me that the shipper must do it. When you reach out to Glowforge their only response has been to say they cant open a claim with UPS and that I must do it. So now between Glowforge and UPS I am getting the runaround and being sent in a circle. I am losing money and business and have the value of a glowforge plus just hanging out in limbo. FML right

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So to wrap up this ridiculous saga…I had to call UPS 10 times in order to finally reach someone with enough authority to open a claim for me. Glowforge did not even attempt to open one it sounds like from UPS. After I finally got the investigation opened a couple hours later UPS arrived with my glowforge in a beat up, open box. And when I check the tracking now, it clearly shows delivered to someone else, then the next day back in transit and delivered to me finally following the open investigation. So sad Glowforge dumps this on the customer and with a slow to respond method of customer service. Anyone want to buy a plus machine so I can switch over to a different laser company?

Truly and honestly, I’m sorry you had to go through such a mess. I do want to know though…why is that really bad delivery experience the fault of Glowforge?

Because they sent me an email saying they would not open a case with UPS, despite UPS telling me that I could not open one via phone or online due to a block put on the account from Glowforge. So they purposefully made it terribly difficult to get a case open and did nothing to help except emailing me to tell me I had to do it.

I have my doubts that they did this just to make it hard for you. I suspect the block put on the shipment was more for reasons of theft of the machines. I can see no benefit to Glowforge to make it difficult for you on purpose. Believe it or not, they actually WANT you to have a Glowforge. UPS made it more of a hassle, for sure…but they only restricted the ways in which you could open the case. I hope you get everything settled very soon.

Thanks, but I’m already shopping around for a different company. I’m stuck with glowforge for now, but I see a change coming in the future.

Every other company Ive ever dealt with if a package was lost and you call them and tell them they had to open a case, a case was opened no biggie. Never had one tell me no. And it wasnt just me, UPS said glowforge has a lock on their UPS account requiring them to open cases. At least that is what they told me on more than one of the phone calls to them.

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