Stopped in the middle of a print

I’ve only had my machine a month and the machine is working great (not so much the air filter, had to stop using that after only 2 weeks, been back and forth with customer service since then.)
This morning, I was in the middle of a print, it was only 4-ish minutes, and the machine just shut down. It’s plugged into a wall outlet, not a surge protector. I checked the circuit breaker. I plugged something else into the same outlet (it worked). I switched to a different outlet, also checking that outlet with something else first. And, NOTHING. Did I somehow blow a fuse? Is there something else I can check for?

Was there a warning or any message appear in the GFUI? This info will help with the trouble shooting process.

I take it the machine is unresponsive, but is the GFUI working? When the machine is off, the GFUI should show “OFFLINE”. I’ve had my machine power up, but stays “OFFLINE” and that’s usually related to the WiFi (often changing the channel helps with that).

I hope it gets resolved quickly!!

No, on the app it showed it was still cutting, but the machine itself had stopped, gone dark, shut down completely…

I am so sorry to hear that your printer is not powering on! I see you have already emailed us about this and I have followed up there. So I am going to close this ticket.