Storage at last, no more stacks on the floor

I finally decided it was time to get the various stacks of material off the floor, and the shipping boxes out of the room. Now I feel like the room has gotten larger.

I’ve been looking at different options and finally decided to stop at the local Ikea and pick up one of their 6 drawer storage units. A quick 30 minutes to assemble, a little Maple Veneer for some labels, and my office is a little cleaner than before.


What their name on that, it almost looks wide enough for the GF?

It’s the ikea ALEX.

Discussed previously elsewhere:

I have two.


I’ve got that one—love it!


:+1::+1: ALEX is the bee’s knees for full sheets of Proofgrade. I have two in my workshop and am thinking about a 3rd.

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The Alex is something that every home could use … Even without a Glowforge. I use mine for my embroidery thread and silhouette/ card making crafts.

Our Glowforge is in the basement … So we store our materials on the 2nd floor in the 4th bedroom. It does allow me some extra steps on Glowforge days!

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