Storage/Carry Caddy for Acrylic Weld Solvent


Made this one up today. My workspace is getting seriously cluttered now LOL and kept bumping my elbows into these little bottles because they didn’t have a home… now they have… a… mobile home. LOL


lol, nice graphic. :+1:


Oooh! Need one of those too! I knock those things all over the desk. :grin:


Yeah, that’s why I had to get them a spot to live ASAP. That solvent melts acrylic instantly and lots of other plastics too.

Acrylic Solvent Caddy

Very nice! And Handy!

Mine are just sitting next to my 'forge. I should consider making something like this, but include spots for Gorilla Glue, calipers, and tape measure. Oh, and maybe a little box extension for wipes.

Hey, did you just leave the masking on the get the lighter shade?


Nope! I completely forgot to remove the masking (hey look, something shiney!) :smiley:


Love the design and functionality of this caddy!


I use the solvent infrequently enough that everytime I grab the squeeze bottle it’s empty, even with a rubber tip on the needle.
I just use a syringe and pull what I need from the can.


The things I’ve been using it for so far are so small, I just dip the needle tip into the solvent and draw up what I need into the bottle.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of these ideas earlier but you’ve kick started my mind when it comes to things I need for my workshop. :smiley: Maybe it’s just that I’m out to sea standing a 12 hour watch after being awake for another 12. Meh, whatever. :thinking: