Store Credit

Hey cool cats! I’ve searched around and can’t find help for myself, so I’m reaching out to you lovelies!

I’m trying to find where to review/access my store credits. I can’t seem to find them anywhere? I had a referral code that was used, and it says “credit applied” but I can’t seem to find it, and when using the cart/checkout I can’t seem to apply said balance towards my purchase.

Thanks a ton for the assist!

They switched from credits to gift cards - there should be a link on the first page of the cart after you’ve put something in there - if you don’t see it I believe you need to contact support so they can do something on the back end


Thanks! Moved to support so they could assist!

Sadly moving to P&S doesn’t generate a ticket. You’ll need to start a new one - or wait until chat is available at: (bottom right, where it current says “Contact Us” will switch to chat when someone is available) for a quicker response

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Hahahahaha!! Alright! Thanks for letting me know! At least I tried eh? :slight_smile:


I’m glad that you looked to your fellow Glowforge users for advice while we were working on it! I see you reached us in chat about this and we worked on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

@deirdrebeth - thank you for chiming in! We always appreciate the help from the community.

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