Store Custom Material Thickness

I know that the proof grade brand is meaningful to you, but you do not provide materials and thicknesses that are important to me. I cut a lot of woods at 1/16 of an inch thick.

I would like to be able to do the following: Make a Sticker with a QR code that has my settings for the materiel, like a snap mark, it would allow the cutter to understand that I have decided to do an advanced operation, and not give me proof grade warnings.

A subset of this would be the feature for me to store custom Materiel thickness and power speed settings, that similarly I can dismiss the “Proof Grade” warnings once at custom setting creation time.

In Any case simplifying my ability to make production runs of Materials NOT approved by Glowforge would substantially increase the value of the machine to me.

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The QR stickers don’t contain the settings. Just a code that goes back to a company database.

With the last update, GF added the ability for you to add custom speed & power to the settings for other materials.

I am able to set speed and power settings, but they are not related to a thickness. I have to custom enter the string: 0.0625 every time I want to cut a 1/16 inch piece of wood. This is inefficient.

That is an implementation detail. QR is a just a 2d representation of a string, usually that string is a URL, but there is no reason it could not contain a well formatted string for settings, say JSON:
speed: 100 ,
power: 30 ,
thickness: 0.0625
name: my_custom_materiel

That would prevent GF from updating the settings as they tune the performance of the machines.

Putting the material in the QR (and not hard coded settings) also allows for different settings based on your model GF (not sure that’s currently implemented, but it could be)

Thus, it’s best to have the QR point to a reference, and that reference provide the current settings.

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If they are GF settings, I take your point, but my request is specifically related to my custom settings, where I don’t want arbitrary changes that I am not in control of.

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Right, they would provide an interface to allow you to name your settings, then print that barcode reference out to uniquely point to your settings.

That could work, and like I mentioned in my initial post, mainly what I am looking for is a way to streamline production. I bought the Pro model, I want to be able to use it professionally, which means streamlined workflows.

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The good news is that you now have the ability to save your own profiles in the GFUI.

Those of us who have been here a while had to manually update the settings by hand (or use the Chrome plug-in that was developed by one of us users :slight_smile: )

The good news is that the machine itself is working great :slight_smile:
I happen to work in software, and I know that change does not happen by magic, so I figured I would start squeaking, and see if I got some oil :wink:

Somewhere there is a list of changes we’ve all asked for over the last year or so… I know that’s on it. :slight_smile:

I get your point, and agree with you. However, one small detail that you might find handy:

The UI accepts fractions, so what you said isn’t strictly true: you could also type “1/16”

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That is a very good tip, I will try that.

The great irony is that for most woods, it doesn’t work too well because 1/8" wood is an approximation in almost all cases. I find that most of what I use varies across .110 to .160, especially the solid hardwoods.

There’s more precision in most acrylics, but for most materials there’s really no substitute for calipers and hand-typing.


Yeah, I have calipers on order, but with 1/16 wood, the variance is pretty small.

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Especially if you’re using plywoods, they tend to be pretty accurate at 1/16.

It only takes a very small amount to introduce a fairly large amount of error into the camera view/on-screen display.

Ah, that makes sense, has not been an issue yet, but I will be on the lookout.

This is Proofgrade leather and then changing the material height manually by 1/32”