Hi, I received my email on the 29th and replied a few minutes later saying I wanted my glowforge. I still can not see the link to the store. Am I missing something? Any help would be great.


Not sure if you mean you don’t know what the URL is, or you can’t get into it. But here’s the link:


I was expecting it to become an option on the glowforge dot com banner page. I went back and found the link in my email. Thanks.

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Once you get your GF and complete the setup routine, the app/ui has links to the design Catalog, Proofgrade Shop, Support (very, very useful!), and of course, the Forum:



That is what I was expecting to see. I didn’t realize it was only available after setup. Thanks.

Btw, it might be available to you before setup – I was a PRU tester, so my account was activated last April, and things have changed mightily since then. I can state positively that it will be like this after setup, though. :wink:

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Thanks for the help everyone! @ryanspradlin glad you were able to sort things out.

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