Story sticks


Story sticks to help me align pieces of wood :grin:

Glowforge won't let me print in top left corner

Why haven’t I done this? Well, it is so obvious as to not be obvious! Good job.


Sorry if this is a stupid question. But what are these for?


No, not stupid at all. The :glowforge: at this point anyway will not cut out to the edges of the bed so the story sticks can be placed along the edge of the bed and then your material to cut, eliminating waste.


Not to say the story won’t change. It’s like a never ending story.


Good idea to register the material in the cutting area.
I took those dimensions and cut them off of one edge for there to be one larger remaining piece instead of a smaller periphery.


Gee thanks, now I’ve got that stuck in my head all day!


Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, :japanese_ogre: Me too :japanese_ogre:


What are the dimensions tho?


Neat. I didn’t know that term/tool.

If the bed-size restraints are still in place when I get my :glowforge: I will make some story sticks based on your design… but I might have to use a more accessible story…
Story Sticks


You are on it today.



Could I interest you in measuring your sticks to compare?


happily… but that will have to wait for up to six weeks from today.




Great! Can hardly wait to see what you do with that tool man!


Ooh! Grats man! Did I miss an announcement somewhere? :sparkles::grinning::sparkler::tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


He snuck a clue in there…


That’s fantastic!!! So glad you got the email–you are going to have so much fun!