Straight Thick Lines in a Stamp

I am trying to create a stamp with straight lines. I have created the form in Illustrator, InkScape, and Glowforge Premium. However, no matter which app I use to create the lines, Glowforge renders the line at essentially 00mm ignoring any thickness properties for the line in Illustrator or InkScape. Glowforge Premium does not appear to allow a thickness property beyond the default “0 mm”.
I thought I might work around this with a 2mm x 130mm box and fill, but the SVG is now just rendering the 4 lines of the box.
I’m stuck (probably in a box, lol) and cannot seem to find anything online to get me unstuck. Please help?

Lines established using vectors are built on a centerline, the assigned ‘width’ does not register when processed unless you’ve created outlines that define the outer edges of said lines. The
Glowforge will see the centerline without any assigned width, so you need to design without setting line weight manually, by drawing things using an inner and outer border for all shapes and wide lines.


As for the results of your ‘box’ experiment, lines are processed as cut or score sequences, fills as engraves, and if you want a 2x130 mm line engraved, remove the line weight attached to the four walls if the rectangle and process only the fill.


GF doesn’t inderstand line widths, or other appearance attributes. Only pure vector shape data. You need to convert your thick lines to filled shapes. In Illustrator the command is “object/path/outline stroke”.
If you hit control/command+y for outline mode, you’ll see what GF sees.

If any of the resulting shapes overlap, combine them with the pathfinder tools- GF cancels out stacked vectors.


Thank you all for your help. I intuitively understood what y’all are saying about Glowforge only seeing the centerlines. I woke up this morning with a bit of inspiration and thought maybe a Webding or Wingding font might be the solution. It turns out the letter “G” in Webdings is a box. Et voila, 10 minutes later I had a 1mm line.
Then, I checked in here. Of course, my solution is just a hack. Obviously, I’m still a novice with Illustrator and InkScape. I’ll play around with your kindly offered suggestions this morning. The outline suggestion makes a ton of sense since that’s how we bring fonts to Glowforge. I didn’t think to use it on shapes.
Thank you!

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Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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