Strangest print failure ever



So am working on a unique silicone mold on the GF today as I need to make an incredibly thin (0.5mm) fenestrated sheet of silicone, so I engraved a mold as below in Draft Board. (the circles are proud by 0.49mm (what luck!)

After the 3 hour engrave finished I realized I had forgotten to engrave an edge (so the silicone can flow off the edges). So figured I would 3Dprint a frame in PLA on my Taz6. I was sitting in Grand Rounds at the hospital and figured I’d kick off the print. I discovered my copy of Cura wouldn’t run after the last OSX update, so downloaded the latest version, and added this onto the bed and sliced and sent it via octoprint to start printing in my lab (so it would be done by the end of the lecture)

So man was I shocked when I returned to the lab and saw this on the bed (the Lulzbot rocktopus). That is the weirdest print fail I’ve ever had… (that is matte fiber proto-pasta HTPLA btw)

Super thin silicone molding

ROFLMAO! That’s one for the books! :rofl:

(Are you sure someone didn’t have the little guy loaded up as a test case and forgot to delete him?)


:rofl: :grin: :clap:


He is on the SD card (which I don’t have inserted to prevent accidentally loading anything from it)


You should try again and see if you have itenticle fails.


Perhaps Cthulhu is trying to come into the world through your computer?


That is terrible and you should be ashamed. :laughing:


I’m such a sucker for puns like that.


… I wonder if this violates the community guidelines because I’ve intentionally misquoted @jbmanning5.

I’m willing to risk it.




(I like your change)


Too funny! Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve turned on a device and something in the queue printed/burned/cut.