Strength of the Forum - The Members

The forum is a great resource, where we can help members or learn from them. The searchable archives contain the accumulated activity, and foremost in my mind are questions and the answers. A close second is the creative prowess on display, and all of the links members have provided.

Regarding help, everyone contributes as they can, but there are standouts among us who have figured prominently in patiently sharing their time and expertise to help educate the lesser of us.
It is to them that I am compelled to express my appreciation.

Of course Dan has made himself available despite the fact that he is up to his eyeballs in work playing beat the clock, but there are others who are the backbone of the forum, and here I will list in no particular order those we owe thanks to.
This is also in no way all inclusive, so I encourage you all to add to it and make your gratitude known.

Forum Rockstars

jacobturner -
rpegg -
marmac3261 -
spike -
jkopel -
karaelena -
morganstanfield -
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Thank you all for making this place the resource it is!


I love you too (Sniff…)


Aw shucks. If I had a personality I might blush. (And of course I really appreciate the info provided by those listed and many more)


A strong sense of humor is also an asset!


That’s very sweet of you. I’ve been “playing” with my laser cutters for close to 15 years. If you have any questions I can answer…I’d be glad to try most anything… :grin:


I echo @printolaser post.

I 'm pretty quiet on the forum because I am a laser newbie and I really have no knowledge to share that would be useful but I read almost every post here and can’t thank you enough.


I second @cwilson21 post. I’m a newbie to laser cutting too and really appreciate the knowledge you give us. I’m trying to catch every new post because they are really interesting to read, so … thanks!


Thank you, you may regret that! :grin:


Hear! Hear! And to cwilson21 andylene…we are alike in that way. I am new to lasers, too…but we’re all going to have so much fun!


I have spent time in Bregenz…where we have family friends. Brings so many good memories back to me.


Clap! Clap! Clap! Take a bow! :grin:

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great … when have you been there? I’m — as you know — not that far away.

Print, I would say you kinda need to toss yourself on the list as well.

And those of you with limited laser knowledge… trust me, you have something you can contribute. So open on up and chat with all of us crazies while we all sit in the waiting room for a precious delivery :wink:

Seeing nifty things and asking a simple “Do you think this could be done on a laser?” is a valuable contribution anyone can make. But more than that, as the Maker movement has shown, we all have various skills to share. Off the top of my head, non-laser expertise that has proven useful on the forums: Glass blowing, wood working, painting, electronics, lighting, programming, design (I know so little I cannot really even parse that down appropriately into the myriad sub-categories).

So yeah… tell us the things you know, cause the laser can do a LOT, but it cannot do it all. The pre and post laser stuff makes a serious difference in the total outcome.


I think many of us newbies will open up even more as we start on our various projects after getting our GlowForge. I for one have a LONG list of projects AND experiments I want to run. I have a lot of experience with hand cutting slate and can’t wait to see how the GF handles it. I am also keenly interested in making 3 panel screens and some cosplay armor… among sooo many more things. For now though, i am content to read as much of the forums as I can and absorb as much as I can. So I will also add my thanks for those who have shared what they know while we wait. :smiley:


Thanks so much for the mention. :heart_eyes: I’ve been offline dealing with a family member’s illness, and it’s so nice to be thought of. XOXO


It’s been a very long time ago…maybe 30+ years. Our ‘family’ still lives there, though. Where exactly are you?

There, jacobturner…I totally agree with you. I have added another rockstar.


Sorry to hear this news. :frowning:

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So completely true! I appreciate everyone’s input and willingness to share. I am a laser newbie, so spend time reading.

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So sorry to hear this. Hope everything turns out OK, quickly.