Stretched gantry wheel belt?

Hey GF!
Trying to determine if my gantry wheel belt has been stretched over time.

Unfortunately had to replace the right X Axis wheel because it had cracked.

In doing so I went to reattach the belt and extend it fully.

When attempting to do ‘gift of good measure’ I have noticed that the circles are either not circles or the design will be skidded across and not super clean.

(I can only presume that it has to do with a belt tightness issue, I hate that I even had to takeoff the X axis wheel to begin with, seems like a root of all problems for me)

Thank you for any and all help!!


Here is something to consider as you wait for support

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Okay great thank you!
Just to check, if I am only noticing warping of patterns left to right and I have only messed with the x axis, it’s safe to assume that’s where the issue lies, correct?

Have you checked the wheels on the carriage plate? That engraving looks like a cracked wheel to me.

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I had a cracked wheel on the right of the X Axis prior, but all of the carriage plate wheels look great.


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