STRING THEORY - a new video from Glowforge!


Hello & happy Friday, Glowfriends!

Here’s a new video I’ve been working on, which has pretty cool TRUE STORY behind it! @dan met this woman at an event earlier this year; she had brought her viola along to perform and share, but it was broken in transport and she was crushed she wouldn’t be able to play while at the event. Well, there just so happened to be a Glowforge around, and you’ll see what happens next!


I remember that! Cool to see it in a video.


I remember that too! So awesome to feature it in a video… I like the part where you throw United Airlines under the bus :laughing:


Love it! :sunglasses:


Outstanding! A very elegant telling of the tale.


I’m surprised lawyers are ok with UA being used like that.


I think your storytelling is evolving. Well done! :clap:


Hahaha–yeah! Reminds me of the famous United Breaks Guitars video.


Love the technique of laying the lighter material on a black background to trace.



Liz is awesome!


I remember hearing about that…love the video storytelling :smile:

Input appreciated: Engraving a cello bridge

Great video! Nicely done!


Yes. This is such a cool story. Pretty gutsy leaving the airline logo in the mix! Stand by for for stringed instrument bridge construction flame-war to be re-ignited in 3…2…1…


Yeah that popped out at me immediately too. They did make their own bed =P.


Legal issues aside, the truth is the truth. This was a memorable story and this video was great!


Me too. Raised quite a kerfluffle about how any self-respecting musician (and/or luthier, etc) would be appalled because it wasn’t precisely crafted and tuned to be anything remotely playable. Someone here was an instrument maker/repairer and was quite vocal about how awful this was.

Perfect example of people knowing that things won’t work in the face of reality that suggests otherwise. :slight_smile:


Even if it WAS awful, it was an immediate replacement…which would never have happened at all without the Glowforge. I’m no musician, but seems to me better than nothing.


Nooo… :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:


No one but the poster here (who wasn’t there and didn’t have any first hand experience with the fix) thought it was awful. Consensus seemed to be that it would actually have taken a lot of work to make it bad :grinning:


I remember that story… In fact—told my friend whose an orchestra director about it and he just dropped off a cello bridge he wants me to engrave so they can give it to one of the other directors who’s leaving as a farewell gift. Was just about to post a thread on here to get some input from others with more experience before I try to do this and screw it up. (EDIT: Engraving a cello bridge)