Strong minimalist stand Version 2 - bigger and stronger

Version 2 of my [Strong minimalist stand](http://strong minimalist stand)
I maximized the C shaped part to fill the cut area of the Glowforge. In total there are 7 pieces to this unit. You can build it in the 2 shelf or 3+ shelf version. I’ve only done the 2 and 3. The 3 shelf version is very stable, not sure how high you can go.


That’s very sturdy - is it MDF or a plywood?

Oooooo, I think those would make great bases for cat trees! Just staple on some scrap carpeting and you’re set.


It’s an MDF with a maple veneer on both sides.


Strong shelves are always useful.

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Definitely looks strong.

Seems be holding 20lbs fine. Looks Great.