Strong minimalist stand

Experimenting with some quarter inch maple veneer MDF. This minimalist stand came out much stronger than I thought it would. Just wood glue holding it all together.


1/4" MDF? Does appear to have an inordinate amount of strength. Now how do you finish this?

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The stand is really cool, but I cringe a little at the long-term viability of the pot. (Being a total klutz, I would tap that thing with the vac and it would be a goner.) :smile:


We haven’t decided on a finish for it yet. Might stain it dark.

Pretty impressive results.

I have had better luck with paint, since no grain to highlight a stain it just looks like brown paint anyway.
I did a rattle can ‘granite stone’ paint on some mdf and it came out awesome.
Here is a pic - I had tried silver and was not impressed, so tried the granite over it (right side). The silver as a primer worked great (unintended consequences). It actually looked even better after I sprayed a poly seal over the finished project.

tip: Keep shaking the can. Spray spray shake. later rinse repeat.


Impressive. Almost wondering what the breaking point really is.

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Put something really heavy in the base to offset that. Kind of like a weeble-wobble (but less breaky).

Something reeeally heavy. Like Mjolnir.


There you go…that’d work! :smile:

Very ingenious.

So happy to see this test. Thanks! I always debate buying that stuff when I’m at Michael’s, but I presumed it wouldn’t live up to expectation. Actually looks pretty good, huh!

I have found that the more fingers the stronger it is, and structural shapes can be very strong indeed as long as al; touching faces have glue, A very impressive design showing that off,

Much more impressive than forgetting to hit return for a day :blush: