Stuck at calibration and no movement

I received my Glowforge yesterday.

I ran into problems at the initial calibration, of the laser head, after wifi setup, which leaves me stuck with the same “calibrating” message, after 12 hours. I’ve logged in and out and power cycled the unit, several times, without any luck.

The lid cam is not updated, and the view in the app, (looks like a still image from inspection after the assembly line) without the tray inserted, and sharp reflections. glowforge_cal_issue|690x390 .

The gantry system does not move at any point either, don’t know if it is supposed to?

How do I troubleshoot further?

Best regards

With power off, move the laser head to the center area of the bed and then turn power on. Sometimes it also helps to put something on the bed

The laser head is already centered under the lid camera, and a blanket is covering the lid.

I have also moved my wifi router to a location beneath the GF, to ensure good signal strength.

The problem persists though …

Thanks for letting us know about this.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.