Stuck calibrating after i cleaned...HELP

my machine is stuck calibrating, I have done everything it said to do but it will not work

What specifically is the machine telling you to do? Can you reference a glowforge guide that you completed with cleaning it? For instance, with cleaning the machine did you complete ALL the steps for this specific guide?

Did you go into the guide on cleaning the assist? Help with knowing what exactly you are referencing with cleaning would allow us to better help you :slight_smile:

Yes I did the stuck calibrating … the laser starts like it’s going to work but does not move … any ideas

if it is stuck calibrating then the laser should not be getting to the point where it is about to cut.

Do you mean that the arm looks like its about to move yet does not? As opposed to the laser looking like it is about to start. Do you have a screen shot of the app?

I did a normal wipe down

Yes it is stuck and does not move I have cut it off restarted my computer checked the Wi-Fi checked all the spots on the door and on the lid that they told me to with the clips being down I actually printed this morning and then after that is when it happened

I know you said you did a wipe down and all but I would just reset the printer head again. I did a full clean on my machine yesterday and even cleaned the carriage plate and everything. I did one print fine this morning and then it gave me issues and wouldn’t print. I reset the print head (making sure to also check the white cable) and it cleared it all. This is the guide for that:

There is no guarantee this would solve it but it a good way to cover your bases at the start.

Ok I did printerhead reset still not working… it makes athe right sounds but when it’s supposed to move to the center is just does a click and does move

Does Not move sorry

Have you tried moving the arm to the center (with the glowforge off) and then power it on from there?

Yep I have tried just about everything I can think of… I left it off all night and it still just says scanning when I turn it on !! I sure hope they fix it quick I have an event next week

I’m sorry for the trouble with your Glowforge and that it got stuck while centering the head. I’m glad to see that we’ve been in touch with you via email and we’re getting a replacement part sent out. I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.