Stuck Focusing or Unable to Complete Print

I’ve had zero issues with my Glowforge until this week! 3 different times now it has done the orange light/unable to complete print error part of the way through an engrave. (Uhh, hello, baltic birch isn’t something I can waste right now…yikes) I’m also finding I have to shut it off and back on several times a day or it get stuck in focusing mode! From what I’ve read this can be a printer head communication problem, so yes I’ve checked the connections, etc. SURELY something doesn’t need replaced already! Anything else I can try?

Normally the machine should last quite awhile before servicing is required. I’m not a heavy user but have had mine for 4-1/2 years with zero faults or problems. That said, if a user makes the mistake of cleaning the inside with spray liquids, towels too agressively, is not very careful when disconnecting the head for cleaning, or ever cuts PVC then a failure could be instantaneous. Or random failures can happen simply because you are one of the unlucky.

Like you have found, head connectivity is a place to check.


Sounds like I may just be one of the unlucky. I’ve had mine since the end of October.

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