Stuck Focusing so frustrated

I have tried everything I can find online to try fixing this but NOTHING works it is stuck on Focusing I am so so frustrated! is there a hard reset to make it stop focusing? anything

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Have you tried removing all material from the bed? Have you tried changing the ambient light shining on the Glowforge? Have you insured that all of your optics are clean? Have you tried turning on the machine with the printhead located directly under the lid camera?


Yes we have tried all of those things

That sounds like a troubleshooting guide for being stuck centering/homing, where the Glowforge takes pictures with the lid camera and uses them to locate the print head. Focusing is when the focus mechanism in the print head is calibrated by moving it up and down through its full range of motion several times. This does not involve any cameras or optics, just the print head and wifi. Reseat the lens and the white ribbon cable into the print head. Restart your wifi router, then the Glowforge.


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