Stuck in calibration mode

Hi, I was excited to read about the latest upgrades to the Glowforge software. Unfortunately I have yet to try them because when I turned on our Glowforge last night, it spent more than an hour calibrating. I eventually had to give up and go to bed. I turned it on tonight and so far it’s been about 25 minutes, and it still keeps saying “calibrating” and making little shuffling noises and movements, and the button is flashing occasionally. Is this expected behavior? How long do I have to let it run? Restarting hasn’t made a difference as far as I can tell. Help?

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Interestingly, it seems that mine is also caught in the throes of an extended calibration sequence. (I was going to go to bed, but the muse said, “what if…”)

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Ok. It took a while tonight, but it’s back in the game now. :slight_smile:

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If it happens again, turn it off and move the head down & to the right so it’s lined up under the lid camera and then turn it on again.

The little flashes you saw were when it was trying to take a picture to see if the GF logo on the head was under the camera. Typically when it gets lost like that, just parking the head where it needs to be is enough.

You don’t have to be in exactly the same place as it’s going to end up aligning with the head just as long as most of the GF logo is under the camera - then it’ll dance a bit back and forth to get it aligned the way it wants and then you’re good.

I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge has been having trouble calibrating.

Like @jamesdhatch said, to get printing again, please:

  1. Turn off your Glowforge (this is important to avoid damage to your unit)
  2. Open the lid and, using both hands, gently move the laser arm to the center of the bed
  3. Gently move the head under the lid camera
  4. Turn your Glowforge back on

If your Glowforge has trouble calibrating again, please let us know. Thanks!