Stuck in COOLING DOWN mode -- please help

Just got the unit and trying to do my 3rd job on it, but the unit keeps going into COOLING DOWN mode. Here are some details:

*Would not start “printing” at all all day yesterday and automaticall went into cooling down mode
*Started printing today, but stopped 1/3 way through the job and went in to coolind down mode
*Using medium draft board, proof grade material (supplied by Glowforge)
*Have refreshed/restarted the webpage and PC several times
*Have restarted the GF several times
*Temperature in the room is in the mid 70s
*Checked all the cables on the GF
*No obstruction of the inlet fans or outlet exhaustCapture

Unless you have a Pro, there’s your problem.

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Not a Pro model. How is that the issue?

Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro


:frowning: Ughh - thanks for the info.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble. As @eflyguy pointed out , the recommended operating temperature for the Basic and Plus models is: 60F-75F (16C-24C), which means if the ambient temperature is on the higher end of this spectrum, your Glowforge will need to take more breaks to cool down.

I’ve reviewed the log files from your unit to review your most recent prints, and it appears to be performing correctly, but is running into consistent needs to cool down.

Your Glowforge features a closed-loop liquid cooling system that uses the air from the room to remove heat. It is designed to be used when the temperature next to your Glowforge is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius). To check, put a room thermometer next to the right hand side of the Glowforge; it draws in air from underneath, on the right.

You can try any of these things to improve warm-weather performance:

  • Try printing with no material on the bed (so as not to generate smoke and fumes) and no exhaust hose attached. If this works, then the problem may be that your exhaust hose is constricting the flow of air out of the unit, preventing cooling.

  • Examine the bottom-right side of your Glowforge, and ensure that there is no fabric or other flexible material underneath it, like a tablecloth. There are air intake vents, and if they become obstructed, it makes cooling less effective.

  • Try pointing a fan at the right side of your Glowforge. If there is warm air around the intake, this could help it cool off.

  • Power off your Glowforge when you are not using it. When your Glowforge sits idle, the fans are off, so heat can build up

  • Just wait. Your print may take a little longer when it’s warm, but your Glowforge will protect itself and make sure it cools enough to prevent any loss of power or damage. It’s clever enough to pick up from exactly where it left off, even if it needs to pause to cool down during the print!

  • Ensure that the sun isn’t shining on the lid. This could cause the inside of your Glowforge to heat up.

  • If you are venting outdoors, ensure that extreme temperatures or humidity do not enter the Glowforge unit through the exhaust hose. Disconnect the hose from the outside air when the Glowforge is not in use.

  • Turn your Glowforge off and open the lid for a few minutes before trying again. It’s possible for the air in your Glowforge to heat up, just like a car in the sun on a hot day, opening the lid will help that warm air to escape and your Glowforge to cool down.

I hope this information helps!


Thanks, for the tips. I am going to add a fan and move the unit to a cooler room in the house and will let you know if it worked.


Perfect! I appreciate you taking those steps. I’ll keep this thread open for a little bit longer. Let us know how it goes.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email