Stuck in cooling down mode

When trying to cut ear protectors the machine gets halfway through the cut, then stops and cooling down message appears. It stays in that mode for a half hour or more before restarting. We tried cooling the room down from 74 degrees to 68 degrees and it did not help. I am wondering if the thermostat is broken.

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How are you venting the machine?

Which machine do you have?

How long is the print running before it stops?

Venting out the window directly only two bends and they are 45 degrees. less than 16 inches of dryer hose. Cleaned the air assist, cleaned the fan under the laser, checked for obstructions under and around the glowforge. Lifted the glowforge to check for obstructions in the intake. Nothing has changed since we have owned the Pro. Only change is the cooling problem. The program is the ear protector program than runs about 30 minutes. The problem can occur anywhere from 15-20 min. into the program. Ambient room temp is 68 degrees. The exhaust coming out of the window is as strong as it ever was.

the fan under the laser is the air assist fan

OK, doesn’t sound right. I have a pro also, I keep AC around 80 at times in summer, never had a temp issue.

If you note time of the last issue, support can look at the logs.

I see you’ve also emailed us about this and I just followed up there, so I’m going to close this thread.