Stuck in homing making a weird noise

I cleaned my refurbished glowforge pro and it is stuck in the homing stage. it is making a sound like it is stuck

Welcome to the community - sorry that your first post here is a problem :slight_smile:

First thing, turn everything off and move the head around manually - is it actually stuck on anything? If not, make sure the logo on the top of the head is clean (that’s what the camera uses to find center). If still stuck try this:

A staff member will be along soon with possibly further advice, but if you post those images here then they don’t have to wait to respond :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I saw that you reached to us via email and were able to resolve your issue! I am going to go ahead and close this post, but feel free to explore other topics and reach out if you have any other questions.

Thank you

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