Stuck in Set-Up (connecting to Glowforge's wifi)

Hi, we’ve got a Glowforge that was used briefly a couple of years ago and has been unused for the past year-ish. The folks that set up the forge have since moved on, and we’re trying to get it back in operation in our maker lab.

When I follow the set-up instructions on the forge, the ‘button’ glows teal and I can find and connect to the forge’s wifi, but then the setup page just hangs and the connection with the forge says “No Internet, Open.”


Are you trying to connect to a 5G network? The GF only works on 2.4G.

It’s normal and correct for it to say “no internet, open”. That’s an accurate description of the network Glowforge broadcasts for setup (it doesn’t provide your computer with a connection to the internet, and it’s “open” meaning no password is required to connect).

The setup page at this step of the process should be some text on the left, and a big square on the right, with a “refresh networks” link underneath that square. That’s where you’re supposed to click on the name of the network you want to connect the Glowforge to. If the box is empty, click the refresh link to populate it with a list of networks the Glowforge can see. You should be able to choose one and move on, then.

If you’re not even getting to that page, try doing the setup from a different browser or device. Even a phone or tablet should work. It doesn’t matter what device you use to do the setup from – you don’t have to use that same device to control the Glowforge in the future. You’re just using it to teach the machine what network it should connect itself to in the future.

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This may help!


Thanks for the help so far everyone!

Yea the issue seems to be that the Set-Up webpage never changes to indicate that the Glowforge is connected (the “Huzzah!” message, even though my laptop is connected to the Glowforge’s temporary wifi) and refreshing that page doesn’t help.

Next time I’ll try and use a different device/browser and see if that helps.

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Hopefully the next time is so far down the road that you’ve forgotten entirely :slight_smile: I connected mine once 4 years ago and never again!


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