STUCK in "uploading"

I have had my GF stuck in UPLOADING 3 times already today. I had to close the app and restart it which is time consuming and frustrating. Is there a fix for this in the software???


Usually if this happens, it’s just the on-screen display being stuck - the job will be sent to the cloud and the printer will download it. And the button will flash like normal when it’s ready to start.

Rather than closing out and going back in, you should be able to just refresh the page and it will “unstick” the display. The print dialog probably won’t pop up, but you can just hit the print dialog and it will bring the countdown timer up.

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I did try to refresh and reprint. Just “stuck” in uploading again. I hope this is an easy fix in the software. :roll_eyes:

My software has also stopped working correctly in the last two days. ALL of my designs upload as completely black shapes and at the top it says “No Artwork”
I have restarted the glowforge several times. I have restarted my own modem/router several times. My internet speeds are fine.

When will this get fixed? I have orders that need to go out and I can’t work on them if I can’t upload the artwork…

Try this…it’s been working for me:

Close the app tab, wait a second then reopen it, drag the file onto the dashboard to upload it. It will generally load correctly the second time.

(There’s a bug. Glowforge is aware of it and extermination is in progress.)

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Omg Jules you are amazing. The upload worked! You are a life saver. I was worried i’d be stuck all day :smiley:

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Just when I thought all my problems were fixed… I have a huge order I’m working on right now and after everything is loaded & ready to go and I hit print & the box that comes up (that shows you how long the job will take) just sits there and nothing ever shows up. And the button on the Glowforge never lights up. I let it sit for 40 minutes last night and nothing ever happened so I shut everything down three times and rebooted my router thinking that might be the problem and nothing ever fixed it so I gave up and went to bed. Thought I would try it this afternoon and see if I can move forward on this.


Just tried Jules’ suggestion and it was slow but worked, thanks.

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Is it a big file with lots of nodes or a large engrave? Have you tried it at a lower LPI and see if it lights up?

No, simple text. It is already at lowest LPI. Not sure what to do…:frowning:

If you want to zip the file and load it here I can take a look at it and see if it loads.

Any luck @mmullen501 ? Now that it is cool enough in the glowforge room to maybe use it, none of the designs are working. “Rendering” perpetually.

Thank you for writing in. There’s a problem with our software in handling very large engraves and it looks like that what’s happening here. Your message will help us improve our software for everyone.

If your design includes a large engrave, you have two choices. You can reduce the size of your print in the app by signing in, selecting your file, clicking on your image, and then dragging a corner towards the center of the image to make it smaller. Or you can divide your image into pieces and print them one at a time, as shown below.

  1. Split your image into pieces
  • Save your design as a PNG file
  • Go to and upload your file
  • Click on the “SPLIT IMAGE” tab and enter the number of rows and columns you want to split your image into
  • Choose PNG
  • Click the blue “SPLIT IMAGE” button. The software will split your image into the number of rows and columns you specify and automatically download a zipped file of the pieces.
  1. Create a single file with all the pieces
  • Locate the file on your computer (where your downloads go) and unzip it
  • Mac: Double click on the file to open it
  • Windows: Double click on the file to open it, then click “Extract All”
  • Open a new file in Inkscape (used for this example, although other software will work too)
  • Choose File > Import and select all the images from the zip file
  • Line up the images up so they are seamless. In Inkscape, when you drag the images near each other, they will snap together. (If they don’t, go to View > Show/Hide > Snap Controls Bar and adjust the settings.)
  • Select File > Save As and save the file as an Inkscape SVG file
  1. Upload and Print
  • Sign in to, click “Upload” and choose the file you saved.
  • Each piece of artwork will import as a step in the app. Click on a step and choose “Ignore.” Ignore all the steps but one, and then press “Print.”
  • When that print finishes, leave your material in place
  • Set the step you printed to “Ignore” and print another step
  • Continue ignoring and printing until you’ve finished

If you find none of these work for you, feel free to share the file here, or email it in to us at and we’ll be happy to take a look at it.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email