Stuck on centering/focus

Last night my Glowforge was working and now I can’t get it off centering, the printer head doesn’t move either. I went through troubleshooting and contacted support with images as requested. I need help as my work load is insane!!

I know you posted this now for support as I was reading your other post a moment ago, but in the mean time turn off your machine and check the connection to the print head. Next place a blank sheet of white paper directly under the camera. While the power is still off move the printhead to where the GF logo is also directly under the camera, shut the lid and repower the machine. I have had success doing this (it may have been just coincidental but its worth a try)


If the above doesn’t fix it, the full list of troubleshooting steps is here:

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Mine is doing the same thing today I did a cut fine. Then went to do next item & it is stuck focusing! it’s driving me crazy

It’s horrible. I’ve tried all of the suggestions and it still doesn’t work. Beyond frustrating

Posting here has opened a support ticket. They will respond usually within one business day.

@mbpaperdesign, I see you also emailed us about this issue and I’ve sent you a response there, To avoid duplication I’m going to close this topic.