Stuck on Centering/Head not found

Started having a problem yesterday - turned on the GF, and it was stuck on Centering, the head wasn’t moving at all. Checked all cable connections and tried a couple more times.
Same issue this morning, but after failing to center, it says Head not Found.

I have been able to get around this by turning it off and manually moving the head to the center of the tray, but I shouldn’t need to do this and I’m concerned something is going wrong

This could be a wifi issue. Have you ruled that out by using your cell phone as a hot spot?

I haven’t, but our cell service is terrible, I think that might make it worse, but I’ll give it a shot.

Yeah or try to change channels on your modem as well. Something may be interfering with the signal.

Hello there,
I’m sorry that you’re having this trouble with your machine. However the problem you’re experiencing may require a bit more in depth of a trouble shooting process, so I’ve created a separate trouble ticket email where we can resolve your machine issue there. That said, I’m going to close this topic and pick up there. Be on the look out for a separate email regarding the matter. Thanks.