Stuck on Centering, Tried Everything I Could Find

Hi. My GF is stuck on centering. I’ve seen that mentioned frequently in the forums, and I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve found, with no luck. What do I do now? Can somebody from Glowforge help me?


good luck. ive been waiting since tuesday, they offered to send me a new led strip and i havent had a response since then and there is no other method of contacting support.

I’m having the EXACT same problem! I’ve cleaned all of the lenses. I’m so frustrated.

Here’s some troubleshooting you can try:

  1. Turn off your Glowforge
  2. Restart your wifi router
  3. Remove any material from the crumb tray
  4. Clean off the lid camera, and top of the print head where the Glowforge logo is
  5. Gently move the laser arm forward and print head to the right so that the print head is directly under the camera
  6. Close the lid, and cover it with something to block any external light shining directly in the lid
  7. Turn the Glowforge back on

This will eliminate some common reasons for a Glowforge to be stuck on centering. If it doesn’t work, I’m sure GF support will get back to you with more things to check! Good luck.

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OMG!!! Thank you!!! You will be blessed beyond measure Darling!!!

Moving the print head directly under the camera worked immediately!!!


Hi. Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it, and it’s still stuck between centering and scanning.

Glowforge, please help.

Has anything in your home changed (electronically speaking). New tv, phone, microwave??

No, nothing like that. On Monday my wife was using it, and Tuesday this started happening.


The wifi in the GF is horribly finicky. I purchased an Orbi mesh and made a dedicated channel (2.4Ghz only) just for the GF that solved most of the issues I’ve had. I also discovered later that my Apple TV would interfere with it so I keep it disconnected unless I want to watch something. Move everything you can to 5 Ghz too, the GF only uses 2.4, so many things can interfere with the 2.4 channels.

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I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble. I’ve extracted the logs from your Glowforge and looked at the trouble you’ve been experiencing. The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid. The cable may need to be replaced, so I’ve reached out to you via email with some additional information and next steps.