Stuck on centering (widespread)

Widespread reports despite status page showing everything operational.

Head parked under lid camera indefinitely.

Camera is clean.
No materials on bed.
Wifi fine (machine connects, shows status in UI.)


Glad to see it’s widespread (ok, not glad, but happy to know it’s not just me!).

Thanks @eflyguy :slight_smile:


There’s a service disruption of the Google Cloud console. I wonder if that’s the source?


If so, it highlights how useless the GF status page is…


Same here, I’ve rebooted several times, cleaned everything, keeps getting stuck on centering, homing or focusing…

Mine finally dropped out of the homing/centering loop, so I tried “set focus”, and now it’s stuck on that.

Same here - made me clean the whole thing though…but still taking like 10 minutes between each homing and centering movement

Yeah not showing on the big picture.
Does have a subset box though.

Came back from lunch and Yikes. My hope was it will only be another black cable.
Came here and saw it will just take some time for them to sort it out.
Cloud is great, until it isn’t.


That was posted at 11PDT, ~20 minutes after my screenshot.

Wow! i thought it was just me. I was ready to breakdown. Only had my machine for 4 mos

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Yeah, just got back from shopping, turned on my machine and BOOM: Stuck on Centering. I’m clocking an average between 10-15 minutes for each head issue. Turned on my machine at 1:01pm CST.

And now (1:37pm CST) I LITERALLY just heard it move back to the left side. But it hasn’t moved to the back yet. It seems like it’s moving around a bit quicker now, but it’s STILL stuck on Centering.

I’m going to let mine run and post what I’m seeing/observing here.

Good luck everybody!! Hopefully this clears up.

1:43 pm CST, my Glowforge FINALLY says ready. I guess you just need to be patient. But I did find one thing that helped was moving the arm to the center of the Glowforge before turning it on.

About 5 min before 1:01 pm CST, I had tried to turn on the Glowforge and got impatient and turned it off. But when I turned it back on, when it tried to move, it made a bad sound. So I turned off the Glowforge, moved the arm to the center of the lid and the head off to the left. Closed the lid. Then turned it back on at 1:01 pm CST to wait out the Centering nightmare. That seemed to fix the movement issue.

Fix implemented, and my machine is back to normal.