Stuck on Centering, Yes I did EVERYTHING on the normal list

Hi @staff1, I have been through this plenty of times and I’d like to bypass the standard list. This is a machine that the glowforge team just finished repairing after months of terrible communication. Please feel free to look up my case.

Can you please check my machine to see if you can diagnose a problem from your side?

Posting a new thread here opens a support ticket, which goes into a queue to be serviced in sequence. Sending an email opens a ticket, which goes into the same queue - unless you reply to an open ticket, that gets attention faster.

So if you have a ticket open, posting here slows them down, as they now have to close this ticket, then go find the other one to see they are already communicating via email. If someone is already working on it, it has to wait for them to look at it. They respond to replies on open tickets faster than new ones.

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I’d recommend listing the specific troubleshooting steps you’ve taken, since without knowing what you consider to be the “standard list” they pretty much have to start from scratch with diagnosing your machine’s issue.


Yea, agreed haha. It’s just been so repetitive. I’ll get the list out. Thanks for the push haha

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Awesome, didn’t know that. Thank you!

It’s not stuck on Scanning, before it was stuck on centering.

@staff1, @staffmember, @GlowforgeStaff, can you please advise if you can see an issue from your side?

I’ve tried the following:

power off multiple times
pulled plug for hour and replugged and restarted
unplugged wifi router for hours and restarted it
reset glowforge to wifi (original set up steps)
started glowforge with laser head in center, top left, bottom right, top center, bottom center.
cleaned all lenses (laser head, camera, lens on the left wall, underneath laser head)
no reflective things or glares in the machine
glowforge head/logo is not covered by anything
cleaned crumb tray
cleaned out any other debris in machine
all clips are intact on the black tape piece on the lid
all internal lights are working

did these over 8 hour window yesterday and 1 hour today

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Mine just did the same thing, so I understand your frustration. One thing you can do is pull the logs from your machine, and attach them to this thread if you haven’t done that already, as they may ask you to do that. Good luck.

  1. Reboot your Glowforge and wait until all motion has stopped for 30 seconds
  2. Hold down the button on your Glowforge for ten seconds, until it glows with a teal color
  3. Your Glowforge is now broadcasting a temporary Wi-Fi access point. Connect your computer to “Glowforge XXX-XXX” (from your Wi-Fi Settings)
  4. Visit the following URL in your browser:

A zip file should download to your computer

Oh wow, they have never told me I can pull the log myself. This is the first time i’ve ever heard this thank you

@GlowforgeStaff Please still advise

I just posted this link on another thread. This is a great website and this is the link regarding centering.


That’s probably the best article on all of this. thanks! unfortunately, I’ve been through this maybe around 10 times and i’ve tried all of them.

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@staffmember; The arm does not gear up or move around on start up. Does this help diagnose?

I’m sorry that your unit has gotten stuck during centering. Thank you for the detailed list of what you’ve tried so far. I extracted the logs from your unit, and since everything is connected properly, it’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem.

Could you please send us photos of your black lid cable’s three connections, like these examples below? When we receive them, we will take a close look at the connections and follow up with next steps. If you’d prefer to share them privately, you can email them to us at


Here are my photos. Please let me know if you need more.

Hi @ivan1, are you able to diagnose anything from the pictures?

Thank you for checking that out for us. Since everything is connected properly, it’s likely that the black cable on the lid has a problem. I’d like to send you a replacement for that cable, along with some instructions on how to replace it so we can get you back to printing as quickly as possible.

I’ll follow up with you via email shortly to sort out the details.