Stuck on Cooldown

I’ve lasered birch wood plywood for four hours last night. When I turned the glowforge back on it is still “printing” with a countdown of roughly one minute, then stuck on cooldown. There is no print and no cooldown. I’ve logged out and back in, I’ve reloaded the page, turned the machine off for several minutes, then back on. It’s still stuck. Any ideas?

Different browser? Clear cache?

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There are a lot of sensors that are there to do a job, for example, if the machine is overheating to let it cool down, however, if the sensor or some of the connected wiring is a bit iffy it will act as if the sensor is reporting falsely.

However, if you have turned the machine off overnight then the cache in the machine should be empty so the machine should not be trying to do anything. If it is just the GFUI that thinks the machine is running even if it is shut off then that is a different issue, and a different browser or clearing the cache in the browser or even rebooting the computer would be the way to go.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve restarted every device. Mulitple times. Still no luck.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’m currently trying to restart my internet router. Hopefully that’ll resolve the issue. I’ll keep you posted!

I recalibrated my Wifi and now the glowforge is finally moving again.

Thank you so much for trying to work things out! I really appreciate it. I’ll close this suoppert ticket within a day.

Thank you!


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