Stuck on Focusing after Cleaning

My machine has been stuck on focusing for the last 24 hours after I cleaned it. I have tried resetting the wifi, turning off the machine, unplugging the machine, moving the print head under the lens, etc. My cables all look fine, but my guess is that is what is wrong all of a sudden? I was using it all morning yesterday and then turned it off to clean it. Now nothing is working.

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Is there a chance that you used some sort of liquid inside the machine when you cleaned? If so, open the lid and let air circulate. Perhaps some electronics got wet that shouldn’t have.

I cleaned the air assist fan with a q-tip and some alcohol but I let everything dry before I put it back together… and this has been happening for over 24 hours now… I’ve had the lid open a lot.

The air assist fan would not be the problem, so the fact that you recently cleaned the machine is probably not related to your current problem. The problem with focusing is often related to wifi issues. Can you try changing the wifi channel on your router? Have you tried setting up the Glowforge using your phone as a hotspot to rule out wifi interference?

A significant number of problems posted in this forum when GF Support used to participate here began with “I cleaned and then”…

Check all cables and connectors, and leave the lid open to let any residual liquid evaporate.


I have had the lid open for long periods of time and only cleaned the air assist fan with liquid. This has been happening for the past 24 hours.

I have switched wifi channels and have set up my phone as a hotspot. Neither of those things have worked.

The printer head will not move unless I physically move it. The LED lights on the sides are working fine.

If you email support, they may be able to provide some guidance.

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I’ve done that but I have not heard anything back.

It may take a week or more.

welp…the LED lights just went out and then the circuit board fried. I could smell it.

Liquid, or mis-aligned connector. Either way, machine will need to be replaced. Sorry.


If it’s no longer under warranty, will they offer my a refurbished one for some cost? Or do I just have to buy a completely new one?

Nobody here can say as we are just owners, not staff, but it seems refurbished for around $1200 seems to be common.


ok thanks

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